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Being a freelance writer has many advantages: I can write whatever and whenever I want and in whatever state of (un)dress and hair that I please. The downside is that my musings refuse to go downstairs and put food on the table.

So, however much I would like to ramble on about Claire Underwood’s heartbreakingly beautiful wardrobe in House of Cards or the benefits of allowing my hair to go grey, the discipline of knowing my mortgage needs paying means that what you will find here are posts about subjects I know something about that might potentially prove useful to anyone who stumbles upon this blog.

The temptation to gush about the flash of scarlet as Claire stomps up the stairs of her breathtaking brownstone in her Louboutin boots will generally cede to more measured accounts of my experiences parenting three children on my own and my forays into the world of long-distance running. Hence Iron(ing) Woman. 

You will also find my takes on travel and secret places, as well as occasional odes to the benefits of business blogging and other web content.

I would love to hear what you think. Especially about going grey…


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